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A Unique Privilege on Many Levels

Jul 27th-Aug 2nd  2019

One Consciousness Business Circle will deliver the deep learning of this profound course to a powerful peer group of highly successful business people with an added experience of contribution which has been included for this course.


Truth Knower: In this attainment, you will explore the unknown nature of the mind; break limiting patterns that predate your birth through a union of the Power of Source and the Power of One Consciousness.

Life Knower: You use the power of ‘One Consciousness’ to conquer all challenges around prosperity and relationships. You create an abundance of wealth and love. You will experience synchronicities and miracles. Your consciousness achieves the power to impact others.

Self Knower: You conquer suffering and transcend the duality of suffering and pleasure; of praise and humiliation; of the past and the future. You realize the true nature of the Self. You go beyond good karma and bad karma to a space of Witness Consciousness. You experience Transcendental States of Consciousness.

Cosmic Knower: You realize the true nature of birth and death. You awaken to the true nature of the universe. You realize the immortality of life. You awaken to Enlightened States of Oneness.

Philosopher Teacher: You begin to impact the world through the power of ‘One Consciousness’ and the wisdom that has emerged in you. As a Philosopher Teacher you are established in a state of Oneness with all life. Equipped with the right wisdom, you serve as a guiding light to society.

What will be the outcome for me if I attend One Consciousness Business Circle?

  1. Here you have the grand fusion of both worlds, material and spiritual. You become a Buddha driving a Benz. It is to bring a rich internal state with a rich external life.
  2. You create rich and fulfilling relationships that last a life time.
  3. You become a leader capable of creating amazing teams and trust worthy partnerships.
  4. You access the power of universal intelligence to create many synchronicities and manifest intentions on the path of creating abundance.
  5. You go beyond strategies and management principles and access the power of consciousness to create massive organisational success.
  6. You become an awakened creator of prosperity who is vision driven and not pleasure driven. You become responsibility driven and not ego driven. You become cooperation driven and not comparison driven. You become inclusivity driven not separation driven.
  7. You become a part of a closed knit group of finest minds with rich consciousness guiding the world of business mentored by Krishnaji and Preethaji.
  8. You have the unique opportunity of having deeper learning experience in closed groups with your personal teachers hand picked by the Founders.

About O&O + The Founders

O&O Academy is an academy of meditation and wisdom. Instructors are deeply committed to taking you to a state in which you discover answers to your challenges. You may think you are too busy to devote your time on this journey, but the truth is that the time dedicated to creating these states will profoundly enrich your life as a whole. At the core of our philosophy are powerful forms of meditation that set you free from the worries and stresses that so much hinder your life experience.

Preethaji and her husband Krishnaji are the founder of O&O Academy. She is a spirituality teacher who inspires search schools around the world. Preethaji is an enlightened being that impacts people not only through their vision but also through the power of their consciousness. Her wisdom is the perfect convergence between two worlds, the mundane is the spiritual, the scientific and the transcendental. She has been invited to lecture on dozens of organizations and TV channels such as Oprah Winfrey and WME-IMG Convention. Learning from Preethaji is to awaken a new consciousness, a new life, and the power to create a new world.

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