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One Consciousness Business Circle (OCBC)

Jul 27th to Aug 2nd | India

Plus a BONUS day at EKAM Abundance Festival on 26th July


One Consciousness Business Circle will take you on an incredibly magical journey where possibilities become realities as you move from existence to living, from ‘i-Consciousness’ to ‘One Consciousness’. As you progress on this evolutionary journey, your neurobiology undergoes a profound transformation and you get established in beautiful, transcendental and enlightened states of Consciousness.

This is a unique stream of learning offered by the Founders to business leaders, corporate heads, entrepreneurs, professionals, decision makers and influencers who want to impact and transform the society.

Other dates that this first level course is offered:

Aug 16th to Aug 22nd 2019

Oct 18th to Oct 24th 2019

Jan 20th to Jan 26th 2020

Feb 9th to Feb 15th 2020

“Our Vision is a total revolution in consciousness from I-Consciousness to One-Consciousness. From a Suffering state to a Beautiful state. From Self preoccupation to Connection. From Division to Being One.”


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