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What are the dates of the course?

  • Jul 27th-Aug 2nd 2019
  • There is a bonus day at EKAM Abundance Festival on 26th July 2019

What date should I arrive at the campus?

  • Suggest arriving the day before the course starts
  • There will be a welcome dinner the night before the course starts to meet each other

What is the full price of the course?

  • US$8000

What is the Pre Sale Pricing?

  • US$7200 (10% discount)
  • US$500 deposit will secure this rate

What content will be taught?

  • The program is both educational and experiential. You will receive wisdom to help you to grow your business, joy, fulfilment but more importantly many people who have completed this course have shared the experience of total clarity, calm, abundance and joy that they felt during the event.

Who organised this private trip?

  • The trip has been organised by Gary Ng and Shirley Snoyman. Both were introduced to O&O teachings through the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership trip to India. Their experience has been quite profound.  What makes it even more magical is to go through this journey together with other like minded friends

Do you need to be a TR Plat to attend this trip?

  • No.  The group attending will be made up of a number of Plats, their friends, successful business people and entrepreneurs.  Proximity is power. This will be a peer group you could not put together over a decade

Who is this course not for?

  • This course is a level 1 course.  If you have completed the previously named course, FOT, in India you will be automatically upgraded to level 2.  See https://oo.academy for the course dates

What is the Ocean campus and what is the Mountain campus? How long will we be staying at each campus?

  • Ocean campus is the original OWA campus. Mountain campus is the Oneness campus and includes Ekam.  This course will take place at Mountain Campus, Campus 3.

Is the cost of travel to the event included in the course cost?

  • No, these costs will be in addition to the course cost

What is the closest airport?

  • Chennai International (airport code MAA)

How far is the Campus from Chennai airport?

  • It is approximately a 2 hour drive from the airport to the campus.  The address is Campus 3 Tada Waterfalls Road, Varadaiahpalem Mandal Post, Govardhanapuram, Kallivettu, Andhra Pradesh 517541, India

What is best way to get from Chennai airport to campus? Does O&O have a transfer option?

  • O&O Academy can arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport. To facilitate your smooth and efficient travel to the O&O Academy, please forward your travel itinerary to traveldesk@oo.academy or call +91 733-8991677 no later than 2 weeks prior to your arrival to India. The cost for travel to the campus is detailed below:
  • Up to 2 passengers: India Rupees 3,500
  • Up to 4 passengers: India Rupees 4,500
  • Up to 10 passengers: Indian Rupees 9,000
  • Up to 30 passengers: Indian Rupees 25,000
  • Up to 35 passengers: Indian Rupees 30,000
  • The same fees apply to return trips from the campus to the airport

Is the cost of accommodation the night before the event starts included in the cost?

  • Yes

When should I book my outward travel? If it is the day after the course ends, is accommodation for that night included? 

  • Participants should plan to depart the day after the event ends.  Yes, the night that the course ends is included in the course fee

What are the accommodation options?

  • Accommodation is included in the course fee.  The accommodations are double occupancy, however, you may request a single room for a supplemental cost of US$200/night. The cost per each additional night (includes meals) is detailed below:
  • Standard Room – Single occupancy: US$300/night/participant
  • Standard Room – Double occupancy: US$200/night/participant
  • Executive room – Single occupancy: US$350/night/participant
  • Executive room – Double occupancy: US$250/night/participant
  • Villas and Apartments cost an additional US$2,000 for the full use and US$1,000 for half Villa / Apartment per night
  • Villas are at Ocean Campus – 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and separate kitchen and lounge
  • Apartments are available at Mountain Campus

Can I stay on longer at the campus?

  • Yes.  Additional night fees will apply

Is the transport between the two campus’s included in the cost?

  • Yes, though note that for this course, participants will be at Campus 3 for the duration of the course

What time does the course start on day 1?

  • Around 9 am

What time does the course end?

  • Around 5 pm, but there will be a celebratory dinner at the close

From which campus will we be departing for the airport?

  • Mountain campus – Campus 3

Is there internet availability?

  • Yes for a small charge per room

What are the visa requirements?

  • All international travelers are required to have a tourist visa to enter India. Visitors from 43 countries no longer have to apply for visas at local consulates, but can instead apply for their 30 day visas online and collect them at airports
  • Please visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html for details. If you are staying longer than 30 days, we recommend applying in person for your tourist visa

Is there an opportunity to contribute?

  • Yes, we have arranged an experience to contribute at a local community during the week of the course

Can I bring my partner?

  • Yes, the course fee will apply to your partner too

Can I bring my children?

  • Yes, there will be nannies for the very little ones
  • For the older ones, there will be a program in the local community with input from the founders’ daughter, Lokka
  • Cost of baby sitters will be affordable
  • Children can stay with their parents in the same room at no additional cost
  • Children less than 12 years old can stay complimentary in their parents’ room.  The meal cost per child is 500 Rupees/day
  • Children 12 years of age or greater and accompanying nannies must pay the standard rooms rates as per above accommodation options
  • These rates include meals

I have food requirements, will they be catered for?

  • If you have dietary requirements please let us know so that we can arrange this for you ahead of your arrival

What vaccinations do I need?